Standard Wakeboard Zero Off Kit

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  • 3.5-inch - E1885555A
  • 5-inch - E1885557B

Zero Off is a GPS speed control system, based solely on the input from satellites and the engine management system. It is based completely on the speed across the surface of the water; therefore, there is no requirement for skier weight, crew weight, KX, PX or even any kind of wind adjustment. You simply set the desired speed and go.

  • Complete Wakeboard GPS Speed Control
  • Tournament Ready
  • Wake Board & Waypoint
  • One GPS Antenna
  • 10 Waypoint Mapping Memory
  • Wakeboard Profile Memory
  • Waypoint Mapping Feature
  • Correct Craft Exclusive River Mode

The Zero Off GPS system includes:

  • Wakeboard Head Unit
  • GPS Antenna
  • Wire Harness
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Zero Off CD

Compatibility Note: Zero Off control systems are only compatible with model year 2007 or newer boats which utilize an EControls drive-by-wire engine control unit. Please refer to your boat's manual for more information.