ECI Puck Compatible Head Unit Update

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Zero Off ECI Antenna Upgrade Process

To utilize the new ECI GPS antenna with your Zero Off you will need to update the software in the unit.

To download the latest firmware revisions to your Zero Off you need a interconnect cable and software to link to the unit then you will need the actual file to transfer to the unit along with any required passwords.

Download Cables & Software required

Since this requires downloading software with a different part number than the original you can only use the E-Com cable to transfer the new software.

  • The ECOM cable is available in a kit from our website with the marine adapter to plug directly into your engines diagnostic port (P/N E2046002A and E1557500A). This cable is used in conjunction with Aquastar display software which is free to download here.

Program files and Passwords required

These are the program files you will transfer to your Zero Off and required passwords.

The latest revision .mot file and an override password are needed.

Files and passwords can be obtained by filling out the request form providing the model number and serial number of your Zero Off display. This information can be found on the diagnostic screen of – please see page 59 of the owners manual for instructions. The files will be emailed to you.