Zero Off Software Update Rev S

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I have a compatible head unit and GPS puck *
I am aware that I will need an ECOM cable to program my head unit *

Compatibility Note: 

Software Rev S is only compatible with head units using the new 3-Event GPS Antenna Puck and requires an ECOM reprogramming kit (See Below) to program the unit. Rev S will not work with older Garmin GPS pucks.

What's New in Revision S

The new Revision S (Rev S) enhances the existing SLALOM PLUS mode for skiers who want a more responsive pull. The Jump and Trick modes remain the same as Rev R. After 18 months of testing and validation, the new Rev S slalom:

  • Keeps all the current slalom settings (A,B,C,1,2,3) and features skiers have come to appreciate with Rev R; and 
  • Provides a redesign of the PLUS “+” setting which is more responsive and progressive than the previous slalom “+” pull.

Skiers who like a bit more acceleration out of the turn will find that the Rev S SLALOM PLUS setting improves acceleration off the buoy and through the wakes, resulting in an earlier and freer feel into the next buoy. Skiers of all abilities and sizes will find that Rev S allows them to optimize their skiing and break new personal records.

Model and Serial Numbers are Required to Perform the Update

In order for Enovation Controls to deliver your custom Rev S .MOT software update file, we require certain information about your head unit and boat. After checkout, your information will be sent to our technical services department who will generate your upgrade files. Within 1 to 2 business days your .MOT file will be delivered to you via email.

Note: If you are purchasing updates for multiple units on the same order, you will need to add each one to your cart separately.

Download Cables & Software required

Installing the Rev S software update requires using an ECOM cable to transfer the new software. The ECOM cable is available in a kit from our website with the marine adapter to plug directly into your engines diagnostic port (P/N E2046002A and E1557500A). This cable is used in conjunction with the free Aquastar display software and programming instructions available here. Technical assistance on how to install the Rev S software update with an ECOM cable is available from our support team.